The Drake Magazine Summer 2011:

Photography by Jim Klug & Text by Tom Bie: Jim just lost a heavy fish and he wasn’t happy about it… Reprinted with permission from the Summer 2011 issue of The Drake Magazine.
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Trout & Salmon Magazine November 2010:

The River Of Beautiful Water
Photography & Text by Matt Harris: A tiny perch caught in boyhood inspired Matt Harris to seek out its leviathan equivalent deep in the Amazonian jungle – where all things, including the fish, are… Reprinted with permission from the November 2010 issue of Trout & Salmon Magazine.
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Fliegenfischen Oktober 2010: River Rambos II

Photography & Text byToni Zulauf: 1992 berichtete Lefty Kreh erstmals in Fliegenfischen über den Peacock Bass, die Geschichte spielte in Neu Guinea und hieß „River Rambos“. Jetzt ist Toni Zulauf diesem ultimativen Kämpfer erneut begegnet, diesmal jedoch im Dschungel des Amazonas. Reprinted with permission from Fliegenfischen Magazine.
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Fly Rod + Reel Magazine March 2010: Peacocks in the Agua Boa

Photography by Val Atkinson / Text by James Prosek: Though there are many fish species you can catch with a fly in Brazil—the mermaid-like arawana, the giant boil-making arapaima, the catfish and piranhas—as far as the angling world is concerned, the peacock bass… Reprinted with permission from the March 2010 issue of Fly Rod & Reel Magazine.
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ForbesLife May 2010: Top 10 Fly-Fishing Lodges:

ForbesLife places Agua Boa Amazon Lodge in the number one slot of the Top 10 Fly Fishing Lodge’s in the World. In the heart of the northwest part of the Amazon basin, Agua Boa Amazon Lodge has exclusive access to its namesake river. The river boasts some of the world’s best fly-fishing for peacock bass, a ferocious fish adorned in festive yellows, oranges, and greens.
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FlyLife Spring 2009: Postcard – Amazing Amazon

Text & Photography by Francois Botha: I punched out a low cast so that the fly brushed the water before the leader straightened out deep under the overhanging trees. It only took two strips before I saw three fish turn around the fly and felt the line go tight. I casually applied pressure until our guide Pedro tensed up and exclaimed “Big peacock, big peacock!”
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