Greetings Agua Boa faithful and welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  In this our third installment of the Report for the 2016-2017 season we are worried that we may sound like broken record or that we … Continue reading

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Fishing Report- October 29th- November 5th 2016

Greetings Peacock Fans and welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  In this week’s installment we would like to take the opportunity to thank the wonderful hosts and agents that keep our lodge open for business throughout the season.  This week in particular we would like to thank Archie and Barbara Adams for putting together a group of anglers that really took advantage of all the luxuries that the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge has to offer.


As all of you may already know, Saturday is our busiest day of the week.  Known as “change-over day,” Saturdays are the day that we fly in new supplies and of course greet a new group of anglers.  In turn we also bid farewell to the group that has just spent the week with us.  Very often when we load the out bound group on the plane many of the guests look like they need a vacation!!!! Considering we offer a ten hour fishing day, the 60 hour plus fishing week frequently gives anglers plenty of time to fish themselves into a frenzy.  Departing the Lodge with sore shoulders, hashed thumbs, swollen ankles, and sunburns, just to name a few ailments.


However that was not the case last week.  Archie and Barbara knew exactly how to set the pace so that the group actually seemed to be on vacation!  When Archie’s group departed on Saturday they looked rested and refreshed, not bruised and battered.  Their recipe for success was getting out on the water first thing and fishing before it got too hot.  Periodic water breaks in the shade, a nice long lunch and then back to the lodge about 2:30.  From there they would spend some time refreshing in the pool, reading a book on the porch, heading back to the pool and then enjoying Caipirinha’s in front of the lodge.  Kudos Archie and Barbara….fishing the Amazon in style!img_5942-1024x1024

The fishing continued to be good last week including many sessions of lights out popper fishing.  So far this season we have witnessed high numbers of Spotted Peacocks in the 4 to 6 pound range which has given anglers lots of shots at converting doubles.  In addition we are continuing to spend most of the time fishing the intermediate clear tip lines.  These versatile lines allow anglers to fish poppers and give their bait-fish patterns the chance to get down in the deeper lagoons.

Due to some occasional rain last week and now again this week the river has not been dropping at any noticeable rate. Which is great for fishing, giving our guides the opportunity to access a variety of internal lagoons and resakas (bays off the river.)  Looking into next week we will continue to have partly cloudy skies and occasional rain.dscf0893-1024x768


Thank you for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you here soon!


Carlos and Charlie

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report- Oct 22nd-29th, 2016

Ola pescador e bem-vindo de volta para a Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report!  In the Report’s first installment for the 2016-2017 season we are happy to highlight a great week from an enthusiastic group of anglers from South Africa.  For the third season in a row Mavungana Flyfishing from Johannesburg, South Africa sent a group to kick off  our season here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge.  Gareth Reid was this year’s group leader from Mavungana Flyfishing and it did not take long for he and his group to gravitate towards the Awesome popper fishing that the Agua Boa has to offer!img_5544

Every year there are certain things that need to happen in order to get ready for the first group. Carlos and the team prepare the houses and Lodge, dial in the boats and bring in the fuel and supplies necessary to get the Lodge up and running.  All of the work is just what needs to happen to get the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge ready for guests.  But then there is the X-factor of the operation…..How´s the water level going to be?  What condition is the fishery in?img_0285-1024x633

Well, we are happy to report that the water levels for the opener are perfect! In fact we we would consider the water levels to be rated as “Normal” for the opener and it appears as if we are in great shape for the season to come.  In addition we are stoked to inform our readers that based on the research that Gareth and his group did last week that the fishery is in great shape.  The group landed an abundance of Spotted Peacock (Paca) which pound for pound are the hardest fighting fish on the Agua Boa.  The Paca aren´t just hard fighters they also travel in packs and are aggressive feeders.  That leads to very exciting fishing including a high volume of double ups and great popper fishing. 1101160846a-1

For those of you that follow the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report (hi mom!) you know that popper fishing is not a new thing….we’ve been doing it for years.  However we appreciate the popper pattern that the South Africans have introduced to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge.  The NYOP (not your ordinary popper) originally created by Seychelles guide James Christmas is very castable simple pattern that delivers a lot of Pop without a ton of effort.  Check out a shot of the NYOP.  Great Pattern!!!!

Thanks for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you here at the Lodge.img_5869-1024x683






Fish On!


Carlos and Charlie

Fishing Report – March 7-12, 2016

It’s time once again for the final Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report of the 2015-16 season.  This has been a season marked by an historic drought in the state of Roraima, with the lowest water conditions ever seen here on the Rio Agua Boa.  The jungle has been under obvious strain: tinder dry and barren of fruits and flowers. This has been a long dry season for all the denizens of the rainforest.

The drought has led to some amazing wildlife viewing opportunities, however, with many charismatic megafauna drawn to the river’s edge as the jungle has become less welcoming. One guest last week encountered 3 different jaguars in one day downriver with guide, Samuel!IMG_0391  But as you can see from this photo of a tapir from last week, the dry conditions have been taking their toll.

Through it all, guests here at the lodge over the last six months have without exception enjoyed excellent fishing and have shared in indelible memories in this special place.

Last week our guests enjoyed some very good fishing despite the pall of smoke from a nearby wildfire.  While it made for some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the smoke was a daily reminder of the plight of the entire region.  The smoke did not seem to adversely affect the fishing, which has continued in its challenging-but-rewarding mode, and many excellent fish were brought to hand throughout the week.  _MG_0480When he wasn’t dominating all challengers in Chinese Poker, Rick Shifter quietly racked up high rod honors for the week including several wall-hanger-worthy specimens like this beautiful grande temensis asu caught downriver with head guide, Joseph.

As of this second-to-last week of the season, rains have finally come.  With a few freshets and some intense downpours, the river has bumped up and the jungle itself seems to be breathing a serious sigh of relief.  Also breathing a sigh of relief are all the staff and guests here, as the rains seem finally to have doused the fire and the attendant haze of smoke.  Once again we wake to clear clean air and the happy songs of birds enjoying the cool of the mornings.  Looking ahead to the coming wet season and its promise of the annual reboot of the rainforest eco system, we are excited and anticipating another great season in 2016-17.IMG_4674

Technical Tip:  When packing for your adventure here at Agua Boa, it is important to check the pre-trip packing list information provided on our website.  For those of you less inclined to read the fine print, so to speak, stay tuned to this offseason for a great video put together by Charlie and Carlos to help you in packing and planning for your trip.

From all of us here at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, thanks for another amazing season!  We look forward to seeing you down here in 2016-17.

Obrigado and Tight Lines!

Carlos and Matt

Fishing Report – February 27- March 5, 2016

Welcome back to the penultimate edition of the 2015-16 Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  Historically low water conditions continue here as we wind down the fishing for another season.  The fishery remains consistently inconsistent with some great days interspersed with a few days enjoying the “total experience.” But every day out is special regardless of the fishing action here, with wildlife encounters galore, and the opportunity to be immersed in the jungle environment.

Last week we had a nice mix of regulars and newcomers, and everyone enjoyed some great fishing, with trophy peacock bass landed by every angler in camp.  Some days there is great action for smaller fish, some days a few trophies are in play, and occasionally, it all lines up for a truly magical day of fishing.IMG_0280 Here’s first time ABAL guest, Will Stephens with one of several great fish he brought to the boga last week, apparently despite having been impaled by his fly rod!

As we have seen throughout this season, experience counts when the water is skinny and the fish are wary. Not only is it more of a challenge for the anglers, but the guides also must up their game every day to have the best chance at success.  Without exception, the guides on the Agua Boa have what it takes to put anglers in the best position to succeed, all while keeping a good humor and perspective when a trophy fish gets away. IMG_0378 While their outward demeanor remains sunny, some of the guides are beginning to show the strain of six months on the river.  Here’s Head Guide, Joseph, keeping it real here at the end of the season.

One of the highlights of the fishing this year has been the plethora of walk/wade opportunities.  With low water, there are endless sandbars and beaches to wander allowing an angler to encounter fish at closer range than is often possible from the boat.  When the light conditions are good, many anglers enjoy an hour’s barefoot shuffle along the edge of the sand.  It is a particularly satisfying feeling to land a nice fish in close quarters and on foot. IMG_5459 And no matter what, taking a moment to notice the vast quiet that surrounds you and to savor the privilege of having a piece of this amazing wilderness to yourself reminds you why you fly fish in the first place.

Thanks for checking in with the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  We look forward to seeing you here on the river!

Tight Lines!

Carlos and Matt

Fishing Report : February 20-27, 2016

It’s time once again for the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  Austere conditions prevail here as we move into the final month of our six-month season, with low clear water and cagey peacock bass.  But memorable encounters are on tap every day if you keep your eyes open out on the river.  As the jungle has become drier, more and more wildlife can be found along the banks of the river.  Tapir, peccary, giant river otters, dolphins, and Red Broketts deer, along with the usual myriad birdlife have been making daily appearances and diverting diligent anglers from their fishing.

And with the observance of Chinese New Year, so far, this truly has been the Year of the Monkey, with daily sightings of saki, capuchin, and red howler monkeys reminding everyone that they are not exactly fishing on the Madison around here. IMG_5250 Even today, a group of around a dozen white-fronted capuchins was spotted dancing and leaping from branch to branch in a tree not 20 yards behind the main lodge, hoping no doubt to snag some ripe guavas from the tree in the courtyard when no one was looking.

Thanks to a couple of (non-Zika-related) last minute cancellations, we’ve had a mellow week here at the lodge.  While the guides and staff got some much-needed R&R last week, we hosted two anglers from the O.C. who made the best of having the entire lodge and fishery to themselves.  Needless to say, they had a fantastic time, slipping easily into the rhythm of the fishery from day one on. IMG_0266 Top rod honors went to ace fly ninja, Tom Chou, who waited in the weeds until late in the week before breaking out with a stellar day that included landing five fish between 10 and 15 pounds, all sight-fished.  Here’s Tom with one of the trophies from his big day.

Technical Tip:  When fishing is tough and every peacock you cast to shows you the middle fin, it may be time to throw them a change-up.  Lengthen and/or lighten your leader. If fishing an unweighted fly, try one with some dumbbell eyes.  Switch the color scheme or the overall size of the fly.  Or try the Monty Python approach and show them something completely different.  Yesterday after several refusals on a standard green-and-white Mushy, guide, Pedro suggested his guest try a popper.  Really?  In skinny flat calm water with skittish fish?  Sure enough, the 3-inch popper was enough of a change-up that fish turned and attacked where before they had been running scared.  Bottom line: don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Thanks for checking in with the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  We look forward to seeing you here at the lodge!

Tight Lines!

Carlos and Matt

Fishing Report – February 13-20, 2016

It’s time once again for the weekly Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  Now approaching the final month of the season, fishing continues to impress despite low clear conditions.  15As of this writing, rain is falling here at the lodge with more predicted through the week.  Traditionally, we get more wet stuff through the month of March, bumping up the river level and inspiring the peacocks to pick on the smaller fish in their midst.

Last week we hosted a fun group hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia here on the Agua Boa.  Everyone enjoyed the total experience of jungle hiking, swimming in the pool, bird and wildlife viewing, country golfing, and of course fishing.  The two most serious anglers in the group had a solid week, with a dozen trophy peacocks landed along with the usual butterflies, pacas, and various other species always in play here. IMG_1420 One angler focused almost exclusively on catfish, landing an impressive array of different species throughout her week.

One consistent highlight over the last few weeks thanks to the low water has been the walk-wade fishing. Success is mainly contingent on favorable light conditions, as is the case with shallow-water sight fishing anywhere.  On those bright high-sun mornings, wandering along a beautiful white sand-bottomed flat or cruising the edge of a sandbar drop-off, an angler can find some truly heart-pounding excitement with big fish in close quarters.   It is moments like these, an angler alone in a vast and beautiful wilderness, the grab of a big peacock bass a rod’s length away, that remind us how lucky we are to be fly fishers.IMG_4065 - Version 2

Technical Tip:  An overlooked but critical aspect of fishing here is fly-line maintenance.  The excitement of casting to a trophy fish turns quickly to frustration when the running line balls up in a snarl at the last moment, wasting your chance.  Take time before or after fishing each day to clean your fly line with a pad and line cleaning product.  During your fishing day, pay attention to how and where your line is lying on the boat deck. 44 Avoid stepping on the line and never, never, never roll the line with your foot!  Last, put a dab of line cleaner on your stripping guard/finger sleeve periodically throughout the day to maintain a protective layer coating the running line and minimizing wear.  A little diligence can pay off in a big way.

Fishing Report- February 6th-13th, 2016

DSC_0694Hi Folks! Welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. As predicted we continued to get rain last week. There were scattered showers on and off throughout, but Wednesday delivered the most rain to date. As a result the river has come up a few more inches and we are happy to say that these rain events have put the Agua Boa Peacock Bass in a far better or meaner mood. The fish were far less spooky and the numbers were up.

Our guests last week were from the upper mid-west and were happy to take a break from the cold winter and spend a week in the Jungle. Thanks once again to Tim Landwehr from Tight Lines Fly Shop in Green Bay, Wisconsin for puitting the group together. Tim has been guiding for smallmouth in Wisconsin for 15 years, he and his guide team have been innovative developing fly patterns, designing lines and exploring Wisconsin’s fisheries. Each year when Tim brings a group to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge and he also brings with him an innovative new technique to try on the Agua Boa River.DSC_0011 (1024x537)

This year was no different, introducing Ol’ Mr. Wiggley. This fly pattern was developed by Tim’s shop Manager Charlie Piette, the pattern resembles a large Chernobyl Ant but has more legs and is tied on a far more robust Dai-Ichi 2461 hook that can handle the explosive power of a an Agua Boa Peacock bass. Ol’ Mr. Wiggley was the hit of the week not only because of its Awesome name but because it was admired and devoured by a large variety of fish. Taste testers included Butterflies, Paca, Acu, Arrowana, Pacu, Piranha and Aracu. Check out a shot of Ol’ Mr. Wiggly and a nice butterfly caught on a 5 weight!DSC03250 (768x1024)

Day in and day out we still recommend an 8 or 9 weight for the Agua Boa’s Peacock Bass and we continue to prefer the Rio Out Bound short Blue/Ivory with the 15 clear tip for 8 and 9 weights. However it is not a bad idea to bring along a 5 or 6wt to take advantage of the variety of smaller species that are eager to eat flies. A floating line for the lighter rod is ideal. If you are going to bring a lighter rod, throw in a box or two of large hoppers, ant patterns, small streamers and bead-heads. In addition it’s not a bad idea to bring spools of 2x and 3x tippet.

Thank you for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Fish on!

Carlos and Charlie

Fishing Report- January 31st- February 6th, 2016

Greetings Peacock fans and welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. The big news from the Agua Boa this past week is that we saw a temporary break in the drought. Until last week we have not had a measureable amount of rain since January 3rd but the heavy showers on Friday brought some desperately needed precipitation to the region. Although the rain only raised the river a few inches, we have noticed that boating up and down the shallow channels is a bit easier with an extra inch of water!DSC_0027 (5) (1024x680)

According to next week’s forecast the weather looks favorable and we hope to continue to get rain showers to boost water levels. Enjoy a shot of the of the north side of the lodge during last week’s down pour.

The Agua Boa River is a one of a kind Amazon fishery, famous for its clear water and killer sight fishing. That is why hundreds of guests visit the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge every year and that is why we have a world class facility to accommodate all the eager anglers. As fun as it may be to share this amazing experience there is also a lot of work and planning involved to keep things running smoothly.  This season has been a challenging year logistically due to the low water, therefore we have had to supply the lodge entirely by airplane. Last week we brought in our last load of fuel to get us through the remainder of the season. Check out a shot of Carlos and Irmao man handling 200 of the 6000 liters of fuel delivered over the weekend.DSC_0238 (3) (1024x680)

This year’s low water has presented its logistical challenges but at the same time it has given us fishing opportunities that we have rarely experienced on the Agua Boa River. Year in and year out we use 5 to 6 inch streamers stripping them as fast as possible to entice the predating peacocks, which continues to work now, but this year’s conditions have given us opportunities to experiment with techniques and strategies rarely, if ever used on Peacock Bass. Veteran Agua Boa angler and owner of Fly Fishing Destinations, Scott Heywood took experimentation to the next level when he spent a day fishing the skinny water areas of the river with a crab pattern. Scott was able to pick off _AWR5546 (1024x967)Peacocks “bonefish style” while they foraged behind rays cruising up and down the sand flats. Take a look at a shot of Scott with a cruiser that got a little to “crab curious” on the flats of the Agua Boa.

Technical tip: Don’t stand on your line.

Thank you for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Fish on!

Carlos and Charlie

Fishing Report- January 23rd-30th, 2016

Greetings anglers and welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.   Last week was another good reminder why we love the low water so much here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. First and primarily we love to sight fish and secondly as the water drops we see more wildlife than usual.P1070799 (1024x768)

The season of 2015-2016 has been the driest in 20 years hear on the Agua Boa River which has given us very low water. In addition to that, the dry weather has also effected the small ponds and watering holes throughout the region. Therefore a lot of the mammals that we usually only get glimpses of are more commonly spotted along the river’s edge. All of our guests last week were lucky enough to spot quite a variety of animals but no guests in recent memory have had more interactions with wild life as the fishing team of Phil Murray and Dave Rittenhouse. Those guys were like wildlife magnets, spotting everything that walks, crawls, slithers or swims. In fact the duo were such magnets for animals that a White Faced Capuchin monkey actually hitched a ride across the river with them by grabbing their guides push pole.   Even Cayman were compelled to get close, check out Dave with a popper caught Cayman.CR0P7307 (1024x517)

The fishing hasn’t changed a lot over the last few weeks. A majority of the fish that are caught, are caught sight fishing and the fish still have a tendency to be quite spooky. It makes sense, if you see them they can see you too. However we still have been catching fish over ten pounds on a regular basis. In addition to that we continue to rack up the numbers with the variety of species caight. Most notably we have been seeing more and more Arowana moving into the lower river. Check out a shot Jim Ryffel with a beauty Arowana.DSC_0221 (1024x640)

Wade fishing the river has proven to be a productive way to hook up with spooky fish, keeping a low profile has been a good way to trick cagey fish in recent weeks. Mike Dawkins of Wordlcast Anglers in Victor Idaho put on a fish stalking clinic last week while walking the beach near the Lodge. Two large Peacocks were patrolling up the beach smashing bait fish and Mike just held his ground and let them make their way to his position. No surprise Mike made the perfect presentation with no other than a blue and white Mushy, landing one of the cruising Peacocks. Enjoy a shot of Mike and an Agua Boa beauty!

Thank you for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Fish On!

Carlos and Charlie