Fishing Report- New Years 2018.

Happy New Years from the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge and thanks for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. Not surprisingly we rang in the 2018 with great fishing here at the Aga Boa Amazon Lodge.  With a mix of veteran anglers and first-time guests the New Year week was a ton of fun and the fishing was great.   Check out a shot of long time Agua Boa angler Doyt Conn with a nice Peacock Acu.  Right on “D.”

The water levels for the first group of 2018 was perfect, offering excellent sight casting opportunities and great wade fishing.  Not only are we in the sweet spot for water levels but we have a large variety of fish species in the Agua Boa river system as well.  Veteran Agua Boa Angler, twelve-year-old Jackson Wanderer, put on a fishing clinic last week landing large Peacock Acu, Arowana, Payara and Pirarucu, just to mention a few.  Way to go Jackson!  Enjoy a shot of Jackson with a great big peacock and an Arowana.

Technical Tip.  Hey folks, for any of you that have fished with us you already know that we have the best guides in the Amazon. We are lucky to have six locals that grew up on the regions rivers and know the fishery like the backs of their hands.  Over the years they have developed a great command of “guiding English,” which helps put our guests on fish and maximizes sight fishing opportunities.  However, they do not have the conversational English skills to do a lot of chit chatting.  But, in the era of advanced technology, the world of cell phones and their app’s can play a fun role in your experience with your guide.  There are many language apps available for phones but we recommend the Google Translator App to help communicate when taking a break or having lunch.  If you choose Google translation App, remember to download the Portuguese file so you can use it offline while on the river.

Thanks for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we extend our best wishes to you and your loved ones for a wonderful 2018. Happy New Years from the Agua Boa team!

Fish On!

Carlos and Charlie

Fishing Report- November 11-18th, 2017

Greetings Peacock Fans!  Welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  This week we are reporting on the excellent week of fishing from November 11th-18th.     Once again, the fishery on the Agua Boa River has produced another excellent week of fishing with an abundance of hard fighting Peacock Bass.  We have also seen a great variety, in terms of the numbers of species that were landed this past week.  In last week’s report, we noted that we were seeing Arowana on the lower river and expected to see a lot more in coming weeks. Well, the prediction was wrong. Arowana did not pour into the lower river as predicted.  However, there are still plenty of shots out there river wide.  What we did see more of last week, was the appearance of Payara into the system.  Granted the Payara only group in a few spots system wide, the Agua Boa Anglers were able to land a hand full of Payara last week.  Enjoy a shot of Brad Staples with an Agua Boa Payara.

As mentioned we have had an abundance of species caught last week by our guests. Landing a total of 14 different species throughout the week.  Most notably Pirarucu, Payara, Triara, and Matrinxa. Once again check out a shot of Brad, showing off an Agua Boa Treira

Although our prediction about the Arowana fishing was a bit off base.  We were right about the increase in sight fishing.  We are now at the point in the season where blind casting is not a necessity to catching Peacock Bass here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge.  However, we still do encourage our guests to continue to do a bit of blind casting.  After all, it is hard to pass up the opportunity to lay a cast into a brushy area or deep slot.  Enjoy a shot of Donavan Boudreaux with a 19.5 lb bruiser he caught sight fishing last week.  Right on Donavan!

One of the other benefits of dropping water is that we are able to take advantage of more and more wade fishing opportunities.  Wade fishing the fine sand beaches of the Agua Boa River is a great way to fish especially throughout the heat of the day.   However, we should remind anglers that there are freshwater sting rays in the river system and they can ruin your trip if stung by one. Therefore, we would like to remind you to watch where you are wading, don’t wade too deep and shuffle your feet.

Thanks for checking the, Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report, and we look forward to seeing you here soon.


Fish On!


Carlos and Charlie

Fishing Report- November 4-11th, 2017

Ola Pescadores! Bem-vindo de volta para a Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Pesca Relatoria.  This weeks report is covering the fishing week from Novermber 4th through November 11th.  The truth of the matter is there is not a lot to report beacause the fishing is Awesome!!!  Last week’s group of long time Agua Boa veterans landed a ton of fish including some big Peacocks, Payara and Arowana.  Veteran anglers Chuck Berthold and Phil Lighty ramped up production all week by besting their previous days big fish each outing.  The Duo ended their week in dramatic fashion by landing back to back 15 pounders.  Way to go Chuck and Phil. Enjoy a shot of Phil with a monster Peacock Acu!

At the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, we not only like to report the news we also like to act as angling prognosticators as well.  Looking forward we project that the fishing will continue to be awesome for weeks to come.  In fact, as pointed out in earlier editions of the world famous, Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Pesca Relatoria, the river has plummeted over the last month.  One of the obvious factors is the lack of rain over the last month.  In the first week of the season we did have a measurable amount of rain but since then we had very little.  It is evident around the lodge too, the fairways of the Agua Boa Links are getting brown and we even have had to fill the pool, which usually remains full due to rain showers.

As mentioned we expect the fishing to remain excellent, in some regards we even expect it to improve.  As the river continues to drop we will be experiencing more and more sight fishing daily.  Additionally, we have begun to see higher volumes of Arowana and Payara moving into the system.  As we have seen in years past, Agua Boa veteran guide “Sight Fish” Sam, guiding on the lower Agua Boa, has been producing a lot of shots at the acrobatic Arowana.  Right on Sammy!  Enjoy a shot of an Arowana catching air!

Technical Tip:  Hey folks as many of you know we have very few mosquitos here on the Agua Boa, but a quick reminder is, that we do have no-see-ums!  Due to the dropping water and a steady breeze many days the no-see-ums are not an issue.  However, when the light is low and the breeze is down, they can be a nuisance.  There are a number of preventative measure that can be taken such as, covering up with long sleeves, a buff and socks.  Another option is to eat raw garlic for breakfast like veteran Agua Boa angler, Phil Lighty. A third option is to use a repellent containing Deet.  Our recommendation is a hybrid of covering up and applying repellent containing deet. Our personal favorite is 3M Ultrathon which comes in a convenient pump spray container and is commonly carried in local fly shops.

Thanks for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Pesca Relatoria, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Fish On!

Carlos and Charlie

Fishing Report- October 29th- November 4th, 2017

Greetings Peacock fans and welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report!  As predicted we had an amazing week of fishing last week with a super fun group of guests.  We would especially like to thank Barbara and Archie Adams for putting the group together and making it a great week.  It may sound cliche but Archie Adams is one of those guys who has “fished all over the world.”  However, he has taken it one step further not only has he “fished all over the world,” but when he was done, he did it again and then one more time after that!  It is a real compliment to the team here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge that we have been put on a short list of Archie’s favorite destinations.  We are proud to get an endorsement from such a legendary angler.  Thanks Barbara and Archie, we already look forward to seeing you next year.  Enjoy a shot of Archie and Coboclo with a nice Arowana!

The water levels on the Agua Boa River continue to plummet.  In fact, throughout all of last week the river dropped about another foot and continues to drop.  The result being that we are in the sweet spot for great fishing!  The popper fishing has turned on, the numbers of fish landed has been abundant and we are getting more and more sight fishing daily.  Agua Boa anglers have also been catching fish in the teens regularly.  Check out a shot of a hard fighting 13 pounder that Archie and Caboclo landed sight fishing.

A few weeks ago, we recommended that best line to use on the Agua Boa is a 200 or 300 sink tip.  However, we are happy to announce a change in the line up…get it, line up.  Day


in and day out the guides prefer the clear tip intermediate lines more than anything.  In fact, some of our guests used floating lines exclusively last week and had great fishing.  So, the official recommendation from us at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge for upcoming groups is to have a 15ft clear tip intermediate line for your starting line.  Then either a 200 or 300 for occasional use in the lakes and lagoons.

Technical Tip:  Ok folks let’s talk a little bit more about lines.  Now it is not uncommon to get a new line before a trip but we just want to put one thing out there…….why not bring two new lines?  Yes, spend the extra $90 and have a new line to swap out by Wednesday.  It may sound like an excessive expense but just think about how sweet it is to have a new line? Keep in mind a couple facts, the lines that we are using today, which cast large flies wonderfully, have short heads with a lot of punch but also have a tendency to spin.  Couple that fact with the fact that the large flies also have a tendency to spin the line.  Plus the fact that when casting under limbs and branches there is a tendency to overpower your forward cast which…..yes you guessed…..spins your line!!!!  So, with all spinning, by Wednesday afternoon you have a junk pile of spun line at your feet and a running line that won’t shoot through your guides.  Yes, you can cut the fly off and un-spin it behind the boat or stretch it on the lawn, but each time it re-spins quicker than the time before.  So, put on a new line and finish the week casting like a hero again!

Thanks for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Fish On!


Carlos and Charlie

Fishing Report- October 20th-27th.

Hello Folks and welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report!!!  We are off to a great start here on the Agua Boa, thanks to a great group from Mavungana Fly Fishing.  For the fourth straight year Mavungana has kicked off the season for the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge and once again they had incredible fishing.  Thanks to Gareth Reid and Vidar Tosse for bringing a group of ten anglers half from Norway and the other half from South Africa. It was fun for us to have guests come from the far reaches of the globe to meet up and have a week of fishing and fun.  Thanks Gareth and Vidar!  Enjoy a shot of Gareth with a nice Acu then check out Vidar and Coboclo with a hard fighting Paca!

As mentioned in an earlier report the Agua Boa River is higher than it has been the last three openers, but the fishing is top notch.  What we consider average levels for the end of October, gave the group from Mavungana the opportunity to catch large quantities of fish.  Not only did they catch large quantities of fish but they landed some Bruts as well, including a monster pictured hear posing with Mynhard Herholdt. 

Going into last week, and based on Lance Rangers- Owner’s week, we felt that the 300 grain lines were going to be the ticket for the Mavungana team.  However, we were pleasantly surprised that the intermediate tips were almost just as effective.  So, the good news is if you don’t want to fight a 300 all day, there is a nice, more user-friendly option in the intermediate line.  In addition, we did have a fair bit of popper action but our feeling is that the best popper weeks are yet to come!

Based on what we saw the river levels do last week, we are big-time bullish on upcoming weeks.  The drop was slow the first few days of the week, barely an inch a day, but by Saturday we were seeing the river drop close to 3 inches a day. 

Thank you for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you here soon!

Fish On!


Carlos and Charlie

Fishing Report! October 2017

Greetings from the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge!  The 2017-2018 season is up and running and we look forward to another great year.  Like many previous years Lodge Owner, Lance Ranger, continued the tradition of hosting Owner’s Week by having a group of buddies to kick off the season.  The soft opening is always a great way to fine tune the facility, boats, and guides.   Tried and approved by the owner himself, we are ready to kick off the season with our first group of anglers from Mavungana Fly Fishing.

The water level is higher than it has been the last few seasons for the opener.  However, year in and year out we consider the level to be normal for this time of year.  Lance and his group had great fishing, primarily fishing 300 grain sinking lines.  The group was fortunate enough to catch fish up to 15lbs with the highlight being a number of small sized Piraracu being landed.  Enjoy a shot of David Wanderer with a Piraracu!

The water has been on the drop the last few days and we expect that trend to continue.  However, for groups that will be joining us here in future weeks we expect more of the same in terms of fishing strategy and line choice.  We recommend that you come armed with sinking lines of either 250-300 grains in order to get down deeper in the lagoons and bays.  But keep in mind you should also have an intermediate or floating line to take advantage of the potential popper fishing which will turn on throughout November.

Thank you for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Fish ON!


Carlos and Charlie

Fishing Report – March 4-11, 2017

Bem Vindo, Peacock Fans, to the final installment for the 2016-17 season of the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  Unseasonable rains have continued throughout the last week leading the river to approximate wet-season conditions.  While a yo-yo-ing river level definitely made some days slower than others, everyone last week got to enjoy some sessions of incredible peacock fly fishing action.  Two anglers, Anthony Rissoli and Geoff “Larry” Gould, had a lifetime day around midweek when head guide, Joseph, clawed his way into a seldom fished laguna which turned out to be filled with large hungry peacocks.  By the time they putted out of there to head home, they had landed 51 fish including several in the 10-lb+ range.  Not bad for “high water!” Here’s a shot of “Larry” photobombing the pic of one of Anthony’s trophies.

As we wrap up the season, everyone at the lodge is excited to get home to their families and friends outside of the little universe that is the Agua Boa.  Our dedicated professional staff of locals deserve extra kudos for the amazing level of service and enthusiasm they bring to their work throughout the long six-month season.  With few exceptions, they have all devoted many years to this special place. From the guides to the yard director, from the kitchen staff to hospitality and housecleaning, these are the people that truly set this lodge apart.  So to Juarez, Irmao, Bacaba, Preto, Ricardo, Samuel, Joseph, Caboclo, John, Kelry, Dalva, Jonathan, Susanne, Loura, and Socorro, we send a heartfelt, “Muito Obrigado!” 

As we look ahead to next season, we’re already getting excited.  Higher than normal conditions this season, while sometimes frustrating in the short term are actually the best thing that we could have hoped for the system.  After the previous few years of drought conditions, the “reboot” to the system provided by having the river up in the trees for so long should mean incredible fishing when it all comes back down (as it inevitably does).  It’s never too early to make your plans to visit this special spot in the Equatorial Amazon and wet a line on one of the best fisheries on earth.

From all of us here at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, we look forward to seeing you on the water in 2017-18!

Tight Lines!

Carlos and Matt

Fishing Report – February 25-March 4, 2017

Bem vindo, Peacock fans, it’s time once again for the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  Although light rain is falling as of this writing, we’re happy to report continued steady fishing here on the Rio Agua Boa.  Water levels continued a slow, steady rise throughout the last week, but the guides have taken advantage of the extra water to delve deeper into the jungle in search of untapped lagunas full of hungry peacocks.  No matter what awaits at the end of the trek, the approach is always an adventure, as evidenced by this shot from last week of Brookings Anglers’ Matt Canter “helping” guide, Samuel navigate a minor obstruction.

Last week, the cloudy and cooler weather made for some amazing sunrises here at the camp.  Several of our guests made regular morning sorties down to the dock at first light to exercise some pacu on light tackle and dry flies while enjoying the show.  What a way to greet the day here at the Equator!  Here’s a cool pic of Swiss fly pro, Michael Maissen of Bernhard Fishing, getting his 5 wt bent before his morning coffee.

With higher than usual river conditions this late season, fishing has been similar to that typically found in the early half of the season.  Sight fishing opportunities, while still available, are limited, with more “blind fishing” to structure and searching open water throughout each day. This style of is best approached with an eye to establishing a comfortable rhythm and pacing yourself to be ready when a big hungry peacock attacks your fly.

Aqua Boa veteran and ace fly angler, Andrea Bernhard, always seems to be ready when that moment arrives, which is why she quietly and comfortably wins top-rod honors most days on the water.  Here’s Andrea making it look easy with one of the many beautiful peacocks she landed last week.

Here at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, we are proud to be a fly-fishing-only, catch-and-release peacock bass operation.  This fishery continues to thrive thanks to the dedication of our guides and guests to this sustainable philosophy.  As such we remind everyone to remember to crimp your barbs to enable quick and easy releases with less trauma to the fish.  Of course there are other good reasons to crimp your barbs, as Brian Greig learned last week after his good friend and boat mate, Bob Ruyle got maybe a bit too fancy with his casting stroke.  At moments like these, it’s nice to be fishing barbless!

When planning for fishing in higher water conditions, it pays to get down.  As such, we recommend bringing some faster sinking tip lines such as the RIO 250-350 grain Leviathans along with your Intermediate RIO Outbound Short WF8F/I  lines.  These are the two lines that have been putting the bass in the boat most consistently of late.

Thanks, as always, for checking in with the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  We look forward to seeing you here on the river!

Tight Lines!

Carlos and Matt

Fishing Report – February 18-25, 2017

Greetings Peacock Fans and welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  We’ve just completed an unusual week here at the lodge.  Due to an eleventh-hour group cancellation, we hosted only one guest for the entire week of fishing.  Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be the only fisherman on the water for a day on a world-class fishery?  How about seven days with the river entirely to yourself?  Last week, Calgary, Alberta-based international fly angler, Derek Martin enjoyed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and he made the most of it.

Fishing was quite good each day last week, despite midweek rain that has the river back on the rise again as of this writing.  Derek quickly mastered the basics of the fishery and landed plenty of fish every day on the water.  Here’s one, a beautiful paca landed within sight of the guide quarters and under the encouragement (and catcalls) of all the day-off guides on the cliff.

Here on the Agua Boa, every day out is unique:  our experienced guides each work in specific zones of the river and establish a rhythm with the fishing therein as the conditions change throughout the season.  After a week here, anglers have experienced every zone and every guide on the staff, each with his own unique personality and fishing style.  As the most experienced fly fishing guide staff in the Amazon, these guys take full ownership of making every day on the river a special event.  Here’s veteran black belt guide, Caboclo demonstrating a perfect photo hold with a beautiful tucunare asu peacock.

As we continue to experience unusually (for this time of year) wet weather, and the river level and clarity remains in flux, the best fishing success has been with Intermediate lines.  The best all-around choice is still the Rio Tropical Outbound Short Intermediate (WF8 F/I), as this allows you to fish both shallow and deep depending on the situation.  If you had to choose one line to fish here, this is the one.

And regarding leaders, remember that peacock bass will test the limits of your equipment with their power and abrasive mouth plates.  Choose your leader material based on thickness and abrasion resistance more than on breaking strength alone.  We suggest hard monofilament leader .027” or thicker. With higher water this year, tippet shyness is not an issue. Bring the big stuff.

Thanks for checking in with the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  We look forward to seeing you here at the lodge.

Tight Lines!

Carlos and Matt

Fishing Report – February 11-18, 2017

Welcome back, Peacock fans, to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report.  Here on the Agua Boa we always say that old friends are the best friends.  We are fortunate to have so many regular returning guests that most weeks are a nice mix of familiar faces and avid newbies.  This past week was no exception with two of our favorite raconteurs, longtime peacock fiends, Chris Nischan and Tom Dempsey in camp.  These guys are two of the most enthusiastic and entertaining anglers ever to whirl a fly line, and they brought a crew of wonderful friends and associates along for the ride.

Chris and Tom are “outside the box” thinkers on most matters, which tends to inform some rather eccentric angling approaches.  Everything is on the table, or more precisely, on the rod rack, and one need never wonder if there will be enough gear around for anyone who might break a rod or lose a flyline to the piranhas. 

Chris, for example, spent most of the week pitching poppers with a light fiberglass “Gecko” trout rod (complete with rainbow-colored foam grip), while Tom couldn’t wait to get back to the dock in the evening to work on his two-handed technique using his 12’6” Spey Rod.  Here’s a shot of Chris getting in over his head with the “Gecko.”

The river has dropped steadily and significantly this week, as we return to our more normal dry-season weather pattern.

As usual our expert guide staff is always willing to dig deep into the jungle to find secret lagunas and hungry fish.  Here’s a shot of head guide, Joseph, in his 21st season on the river still not “mailing it in.”

Fishing overall has been steady, with several trophies landed and many others lost.  Here’s one of the best, a beast landed by Jim Blake.  And animal and bird sightings are a daily delight. On the last day of the week (as if catching a fish like that wasn’t enough), Jim and his wife, Nancy,  got a thrill of a lifetime when guide, Samuel, pointed out a big beautiful jaguar curled up like a kitten on one of the newly-exposed sandbanks. 

As we move into the home stretch of the season here at the lodge, conditions are shaping up for a strong finish. The guides are still favoring mid-sized Mushies and Sea-Habits in various colors and Intermediate (for general use) and 200-250 grain sinking tip lines.  Plan to rig a couple of rods to cover different depths and situations for each day out in the boat.

Stay tuned to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report for the latest Equatorial angling updates. We’re looking forward to seeing you here on the water!

Tight Lines!

Carlos and Matt